Tuesday, June 18, 2013

my life in general

i m not different from the other girls, teen girls. i have a normal life with a normal friends and a normal family. i m just different from the inside i have always wanted to have my family attention but it never work by trying to prouve myself to theim. i know they love me.

i always try to hide my real me even with my friends and it s killing from the inside i can do a thing i m hopeless i pretend to be the girl that every body want her to be my smile is my secret u never saw cry but at night sometime i can t even sleep.

i wonder who i am i can t even know myself. every year i make the same disussion to change and show to people who i m for real but every year i break that promisse why!!!! ?? maybe because of the experiences that i had in my life made me like that maybe it s just because i can trust people to show theim myself im always afraid that someone will use my weakness point against me because i have been their before i trusted people be and all i got from theim is pain and tears i m really in a big mess. i usually puch out every one i care about because i don t want theim to hurt me also i guess i m a little scared of falling in love with someone

OMG who i am ??? i still don t know that yet and that what scarying me the most:')